How to resize image in kb?

Many peoples not know that how to resize/reduce image size in kb. like 500kb, 100kb, 50kb, 25kb, 10kb..etc 
follow this step to reduce your photo, signature or any image size to any kb or the size you want.

1. Open website and then click on blue open editor button. OR Click here to open editor.

2.  After Open site you will see select image button to choose your image file. we always recommended high quality image file

3.  After select image you will see resolution and file size option. here is three option in resolution, 1st Keep original for keep same resolution of uploaded image. 2nd option 
Resize original image in pixel, centimeter, inch and millimeter. and 3rd option Crop and Resize for crop original image in specific resolution cm, in, mm and px.
You will see two option in file size option. select keep original if you want to keep size original and if you want to reduce file size then select reduce size option and then enter your file size limit.
4. Now you will see preview of your image. here you can adjust crop area of photo, brightness, contrast of image.

5. Click on download icon and then click on download button to download your image in compressed size. 

Thank you,